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Harvesting hope: Craig Wiggins on navigating farm life, family + community support

January 31, 2024

Rural mental health and well-being advocate Craig 'Wiggy' Wiggins joins Dom George offering a glimpse into the demanding yet fulfilling world of farming in Canterbury.

Feeling lost and disconnected? Join us as our own Wiggy, the driving force behind "Lean on a Gate, Talk to a Mate," an initiative bringing much-needed mental health support to rural communities.

This episode is packed with Wiggy's infectious enthusiasm as he shares the power of community events and staying connected. From organizing health checks and educational talks to finding solace in his passion for harness racing, he embodies the message: You are not alone.

Forget the pressure to "make it happen" alone. Lean on your community, your family, and even five minutes of quiet time for yourself. This episode reminds us that the demanding world of farming doesn't have to be faced in isolation.

Listen in for uplifting stories, practical resources, and Wiggy's heartfelt advice: reach out, get involved, and remember, you're part of something bigger.