Stronger communities
stronger people

opening conversations one gate at a time

By reaching out and talking to a mate, we can connect people, connect with local services, and build stronger communities.

Talk to a mate

If you you notice someone in your community that you think needs a mate to talk to, learn how you can talk to them or find someone that is qualifed to help.

Find a mate

Do you need to talk? You're not alone. If you're feeling stressed, angry or stuck it can be hard to find a mate to talk to.

the first step in strengthening your rural community

Learn about our Agri Connect seminars for all farm services, stock agents, agronomists any other rural service industry professionals.

About Agri Connect

About your mates at lean on a gate

Lean on a Gate, founded in 2021, empowers community connections to build stronger people through a community support network in regions of New Zealand and the world.

Listen to a Mate

Our latest podcasts

Listen to Wiggy and other contributors for the latest on connecting communities like yours by leaning on a gate and talking to a mate.

Lastest podcasts

Get the latest updates from your mates

Keep up to date with events and education around how to talk to a mate and Lean on a Gate as we walk the talk.

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