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The Agri Connect seminar is aimed at teaching these ‘front line’ agents that farmers frequently talk to, to give them the tools and awareness of what to look for, how to offer help, and the appropriate avenues to access that help.

Agri Connect is not just a one-off event, but the catalyst to put a local support network in all communities.

How Agri connect works


You contact us to talk about your community

We’ll visit you and your community to assess what mental, physical and farmer support services are available.


Run a local seminar for  agents and community

We will then run a seminar for all farm services, stock agents, agronomists any other local rural service industry professionals.


Build a connection network in the community

We’ll then provide you with the tools and the appropriate avenues and contacts to access that help.

Host an Agri Connect in your business

Have you checked in with your team?

By hosting an Agri Connect in your business your team will learn how to check in with the mates that they work alongside of every day. Learn as a team how to look for the signs and how to approach someone who is going through a tough time.

You'll create a level of engagement in your business that doesn't just show your team that you care, but how to care for each other.

Sponsor an Agri Connect in your area

Muck in and Be a mate in your community

You can sponsor an Agri Connect for your community. Sponsorship begins at $7,500.

Promote your business in your community

When you sponsor an Agri Connect Seminar:

  • Personal introduction at the beginning the event
  • Pull-up banner positioning at the event
  • Promotion on our Mate's of Lean on a Gate email newsletters
  • Access to our ever-growing database of materials to help you reach out to others including PDF posters and videos
  • 'I'm Mucking In' supporters pack
  • Brand positioning at the top of the event calendar promotion and link to your website
i'm ready to muck in

Calling local mates

We're always on the lookout for rural champions in every corner of the country. If you offer services of support or would like to become a Lean on a Gate champion in your area then contact us for a chat.


Do you need an Agri Connect seminar in your area?

Request a call from one of our team to discuss bringing an Agri Connect seminar to your region or business.

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