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Farming, Family and Fostering Community Spirit

April 24, 2024

Farming life is a demanding one, but Wiggy believes it's crucial to prioritise family time. He shares a personal anecdote about a getaway with his children, highlighting this crucial balance. Yet, Wiggy's dedication to rural communities never rests.

This episode dives deep into Wiggy's initiatives that strengthen the agricultural sector. He discusses two key events:

  • Agri Connect: This event fosters collaboration between rural service industries. As Wiggy puts it, it's about "cross-pollinating" resources and building a robust support network for farmers.
  • Sports Connect: Recognising the vital role local sports clubs play in nurturing youth and community spirit, Wiggy highlights this event that features figures like Slade McFarland. Their stories emphasise the importance of compassionate leadership within these hubs.

Beyond connecting the rural community, Wiggy addresses the critical issue of farm safety. He mentions recent tragedies involving machinery, reminding listeners of the inherent risks and the devastating impact on families and communities.

Wiggy urges listeners to consider the broader consequences by asking: "Who would look after the family? Who would look after the farm?"

The conversation then shifts to a partnership with Forsyth Barr. This collaboration tackles the financial pressures faced by farmers, especially those without successors. A tour of Southland will feature talks on decision-making, communication, and valuable investment advice from specialists.

As the episode concludes, Wiggy reiterates his commitment to community support. He emphasises the importance of seeking help when needed, ending with his signature message: "Always lean on the gate and talk to a mate.