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Wiggy Highlights Concerns Around Rural Service Industry Support

April 11, 2024

Today, Dom George is joined by Craig "Wiggy" Wiggins to delve into the heart-pounding world of harness racing. We'll also be exploring the vital role community events play in rural life, and tackling the critical issue of mental health within rural service industries.

This episode features Craig "Wiggy" Wiggins, a man with a deep passion for harness racing. He excitedly shares his experience Clerking at the prestigious Grin's Night of Champions Event at Cambridge Harness Racing, a night that sees top trotters and pacers from both Australia and New Zealand battle it out on the track.

"Calling all Waikato locals!" Wiggy exclaims, "If you're free tomorrow night, head down to Cambridge Harness Racing for an evening filled with grins, good company, and thrilling races!"

The conversation then shifts gears to the Farming Family Day at the Races. This heartwarming community event provides a much-needed break for farming families. It's a day filled with sizzling BBQs, fun activities for kids, and the chance to witness some of harness racing's most talented drivers in action. This event beautifully highlights the connection between rural life and the exhilarating world of harness racing.

However, Wiggy also sheds light on a serious concern: the mental health challenges faced by those working in the rural service industry. He sadly shares news of recent mental health tragedies and emphasises the critical need for improved support and training in this area.

"We've lost two individuals from the rural service industry to mental health issues recently," Wiggy explains. "These are the people who regularly visit farms and are often the first to notice subtle changes. Unfortunately, many lack the training to effectively address these concerns."

Wiggy passionately encourages listeners to attend the upcoming AgriConnect event. This event aims to foster open discussions about mental health and provide much-needed support for those working in rural service industries.

For those interested in learning more about Wiggy's work and his dedication to rural advocacy, you can visit his website,, or follow his Facebook page, "Whatever With Wiggy."