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Craig Wiggins on the forefront of farming health + wellness

March 15, 2024

Good friend of the show and esteemed rural health advocate Craig 'Wiggy' Wiggins catches up with Dom George at the Central Districts Field Days for all the latest rural life and health news.

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This podcast features Craig "Wiggy" Wiggins, a strong advocate for rural New Zealand. Wiggy shares the challenges of travel in remote areas, with frequent flight delays plaguing his journeys.

Despite the travelling woes, Wiggy focuses on the positive. He discusses his involvement with the Carr Family Foundation van at the CD Field Days. This van provides crucial on-farm health checks for farmers who might struggle to access regular medical care. Wiggy shares inspiring stories of how these checks have potentially saved lives by catching health problems early on.

The conversation expands to the wider topic of rural health and wellbeing. Wiggy reflects on his experience interviewing influential figures in sports and mental health at the Royal Games. Their stories highlight the resilience and determination of the rural sports community.

Wiggy's dedication to the rural lifestyle shines through as he talks about balancing work and health, especially while travelling. He acknowledges the temptations of unhealthy food choices on the road but emphasises the importance of good nutrition for both mental and physical wellbeing.

By sharing his experiences, Wiggy offers a glimpse into the realities of rural life in New Zealand. He emphasises the critical need for accessible healthcare for farmers and the strong sense of community fostered through local events and sports. Wiggy's passion for rural advocacy and wellness is evident as he continues to be a champion for those living and working in the heart of New Zealand.